2-day course:

Coaching Skills for Managers

Improve your leadership, communication and coaching skills


To be an effective manager, you must also be an effective coach. This means supporting your team to thrive, communicating feedback clearly, creating an inclusive yet challenging environment, and empowering your colleagues to do their best work.

In this 2-day course, you will learn and practice the most important skills to help your team feel seen, heard, and understood so you can inspire them to succeed. You will also learn and practice the skills of boundary-setting and providing effective feedback so you can support your team to grow and thrive.


Lesson 1: The 3 Cs of High-trust Teams

Explore what it means to share deep interpersonal trust with another person, and understand how you can foster a work environment that enables deeper trust-building within your team and organization.

Lesson 2: Psychological Safety

Understand the importance and power of fostering a psychologically safe work environment and learn about the conditions that you can create to enhance the psychological safety among your team.

Lesson 3: Understanding and Adapting Your Communication Style

Learn how your personal values shape your thoughts and communication, and understand how to adapt your communication style to more effectively communicate with others.


Lesson 4: Key Coaching Skills

Understand the essentials of effective coaching and develop the skills and knowledge needed to become a stronger and more engaged leader.

Exercise: Applying the Skills Through Micro-Coaching

Put your skills to work! Apply the skills and knowledge you’ve gained in this course through a micro-coaching exercise to gain real-world practice.

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