Does your team have specific team building or training needs that you don’t see outlined on our website? Are you looking for a new, specialized program that is tailored to your team’s unique learning needs?


We would love to work with you to design a customized training program, workshop series, or coaching package to help your team develop a range of crucial leadership and professional skills.

“Jay has been such an integral part in the implementation of our leadership strategy across the whole team. This program has created a sense of confidence in the organization as we are actively demonstrating that we are prioritizing their growth. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking to bring the best out in their people and their team.”.”

– Michaela Kealey, Head of People and Culture, ENVOLTA Inc.

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In addition to our most popular workshop themes and topics, we specialize in a wide range of professional skills training to help teams across industries strengthen their communication, collaboration and connections.

Here are some other specialties we can help you with:

Understanding Your Signature Strengths

Identify your top Character Strengths and learn how they can be applied in your personal and professional life to boost confidence, strengthen relationships, and enhance wellbeing.

Appreciation in the Workplace

Explore the research around gratitude and positive feedback in the workplace and understand how to show appreciation to your colleagues to improve motivation and morale.

Building a Resilient Mindset

Understand how different thoughts and experiences in your life contribute to your overall outlook, and develop the skills and tactics you need to have greater optimism in work and life.

Culture-Crafting: Develop Your Community Code

Explore the factors that contribute to a strong team culture and learn how a community code can help boost job satisfaction and overall engagement. 

Psychological Safety

Understand the power that psychological safety (the feeling that you can share your thoughts, ideas and emotions without judgement) can have on workplace trust, motivation and productivity.  

Effective Online Communication

Identify the opportunities and challenges of online communication and gain key insights and tactics to improve your team’s virtual communication.

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