Giving and Receiving Feedback

Learn how to effectively engage in feedback conversations

Giving and receiving feedback in the workplace is a necessary process for any team. For high-performing teams, this practice is integrated in daily interactions. Teams that regularly engage in feedback conversations with curiosity, compassion and courage vastly outperform those who do not.

In this workshop, you will explore the different types of feedback and how they can impact team performance. You will also learn practical tools to help you set-up and engage in productive feedback conversations to make them part of your team’s everyday routine.


1) Understand the importance of giving and receiving feedback in the workplace and the impacts this practice can have on team and organizational success

2) Explore the three different types of feedback that commonly arise in the workplace and learn how to approach each one effectively

3) Learn practical skills, tips and approaches to help you effectively engage in feedback conversations with your staff, colleagues and superiors

4) Engage in an interactive, hands-on exercise to practice and apply the skills you’ve learned


1) In-person at a location that is convenient for you

2) Online from anywhere in the world


This workshop can be delivered as:

1) A 2-hour interactive workshop

2) A 3-hour interactive workshop with a case study exercise to help you apply and practice the skills


“We were extremely pleased with the 3C team. Jay brought the optimal mix of humour, personal experience and knowledge to help us identify our strengths on an individual and team level. He was very professional but also down-to-earth which made the team feel comfortable in opening up and sharing their experiences and opinions.”

– Louise, Director General, Government of Canada

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