Introduction to Effective Coaching Skills

Develop the skills to be an effective leader and coach  

Being an effective leader is about more than just managing others; it’s about coaching and supporting your team to thrive. Whether you’re coaching an entire team or a single individual, having strong coaching skills can not only help you achieve greater results as a team, but it can also strengthen your team’s trust, connections, and motivation.

In this workshop, you will learn and practice the basics of effective coaching and understand how to leverage these skills to build more meaningful, engaged and productive relationships with your team.


1) Learn about the power of coaching in the workplace and the impacts this approach can have on team and organizational success

2) Understand the importance of curiosity, compassion and courage in the coaching process and how to foster these conditions within your team 

3) Learn the practical skills and approaches that contribute to effective coaching

4) Engage in an interactive, hands-on coaching exercise to practice and apply the lessons you’ve learned


1) In-person at a location that is convenient for you

2) Online from anywhere in the world


This workshop can be delivered as:

1) A 2-hour interactive workshop

2) A 3-hour interactive workshop with “micro-coaching” exercise to help you apply and practice the skills

I am continuously amazed by how much value Jay and the facilitators at 3C can deliver in a short coaching session. They are incredibly talented and passionate about helping people fulfill their potential.”

– Adam Mowrey, Senior Consultant, Ernst & Young

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