The 3 Cs of High-Trust Teams

Foster greater trust to improve connections, communication and collaboration

The ability to confide in and depend on our colleagues is a requirement for any team to thrive. In fact, organizational research has shown time and time again that when teams trust each other, it makes it easier for them to innovate and problem-solve, take calculated risks, and be open, supportive and vulnerable with one another. Ultimately, this results in a stronger, more productive, and more collaborative team.

In this workshop, you will better understand why trust within a team is so important and learn how you can create the conditions within your organization to build more trusting teams.


1) Explore what it means to share deep interpersonal trust with another person

2) Understand the importance and benefits of interpersonal trust in the workplace 

3) Learn about the three conditions that contribute to stronger trust between individuals and within teams 

4) Develop skills to build deeper trust with others and improve your relationships, both professionally and personally


1) In-person at a location that is convenient for you

2) Online from anywhere in the world


This workshop can be delivered as a:

1) 1-hour keynote presentation;

2) 1-hour art-based discussion; or

3) 1-3 hour interactive workshop (includes experiential learning, self-reflection, facilitated discussion groups, and relevant feedback/knowledge transfer from facilitator)

“This was such a great workshop. I had so many team members talk to me after our session and tell me how surprised they were with how much they enjoyed the experience and took something away from it. Having worked with the 3C team in a previous organization, I knew they were great. I’m so happy to see others on my new team felt the same way.”

- Katarina Pintar, Executive Director, Health Care Programs and Policy Directorate, Health Canada

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