Understanding and Adapting Your Communication Style

Learn how to communicate more effectively with others

Human beings have a tendency to believe that other people want us to communicate with them in the same way that we want to be communicated with. While “treat others as you wish to be treated” is good advice to live by when it comes to fundamental human values (such as compassion, respect and dignity), communicating effectively with others requires more advanced skills. 

In this workshop, you will gain a deeper understanding of how your personal values shape your communication style, and learn how you can adapt your style to communicate more effectively and meaningfully with the people in your life.  


1)  Use the B.A.N.K Code Communication-style Assessment to explore how different personal values shape our thoughts and communication

2) Better understand your own communication style and understand how to recognize different communication styles in others

3) Learn how to adapt your communication style to meet other people’s needs

4) Develop skills to communicate more effectively with others and improve your relationships


1) In-person in a location that is convenient to you

2) Online from anywhere in the world


This workshop is delivered as a 1-3 hour interactive workshop, depending on your team’s needs.

(Workshop includes experiential learning, self-reflection, facilitated discussion groups, and relevant feedback/ knowledge transfer from facilitator)

“The workshop 3C provided was one of the best virtual workshops I have participated in. It was easy for the user and a wonderful way to connect with colleagues. Along with the team’s facilitation, the workshop provided meaningful and productive opportunities to work on communicating effectively and building resiliency.”

- Bettina Sales, Science Policy Analyst, Natural Resources Canada