Our human-centred approach to team building and training focuses on experiential, discussion-based learning, so your team can gain relevant takeaways and apply them directly to the workplace.

Our team of passionate and skilled facilitators work to ensure your team has a memorable experience and leave your session feeling inspired, reinvigorated, and connected to your colleagues.


Team building shouldn’t be dull or awkward. That’s we offer your team exciting, engaging and experiential sessions that rely on the input and involvement of all team members. With opportunities to reflect thoughtfully on team successes and challenges, your team will walk away with key takeaways and lessons that can be applied to your workplace right away.


Engagement, interaction and collaboration are the best tools to make learning “stick.” Our model involves asking thought-provoking questions, sharing meaningful observations, and injecting relevant research and theories at the right moments.


Psychological safety (the feeling that you can share your thoughts, opinions, and ideas openly without fear of being judged or reprimanded) is crucial for effective team building, development and growth. In every one of our sessions, we create an open, inclusive and non-judgemental environment so your team can engage in meaningful discussions.



All of our programming is available in-person and online to meet your team’s unique needs. No matter which format you choose, we guarantee an exciting and experiential session with practical learnings and takeaways.

“The facilitators were great at pointing out what they saw as our strengths and weaknesses as an organization. They were fun, engaging and very thoughtful in their communication.”

- 3C Team Building and Training Client