“Jay led the best team building exercise I have ever taken part in – it was a lot of fun and the team learned a lot in the process. He was a pleasure to work with.”

- André Martin, Co-Managing Partner, Mann Lawyers LLP

“This experience was an inspiring and energizing way to kick-off our retreat. The escape game was really engaging and the insights that were drawn from the experience with Jay’s help were both meaningful and relevant to our ongoing work as a team. Our entire management team was excited to run future sessions with their own teams. I highly recommend this workshop!”

- Cheyenne McAuslan, Director, People and Culture, Mattamy Homes

“This was such a great workshop. I had so many team members talk to me after our session and tell me how surprised they were with how much they enjoyed the experience and took something away from it. Having worked with the 3C team in a previous organization, I knew they were great. I’m so happy to see others on my new team felt the same way.”

- Katarina Pintar, Executive Director, Health Care Programs and Policy Directorate, Health Canada

“Thanks to Jay’s insightful workshop, our experience was incredibly valuable to both our new and tenured team members. The team had lots of fun, even as Jay challenged us to be honest and direct with each other. We appreciated the way the workshop highlighted dynamics and behaviours in the Escape Room that can be directly related back to our business. The opportunities that we brought to the surface as a group, through Jay’s facilitation, are being implemented right now to improve our culture and our success as a team. We highly recommend this experience to other organizations, whether their teams are new to working together, or already high performing and looking to keep growing.”

- Tom Riley, Managing Director, NPS Federal Defense and Security Branch & Audra Tettenborn, Team Lead, NPS Proposal Development Team (S.i. Systems Ltd.)

““The 3C team ran their portable escape game to kick off our national staff conference. It was a great way to bring people back together and get everyone on the same page and ready to collaborate during the rest of the conference. We recommend this event to anyone who is looking for a great mixture of fun, learning and human connection.”

- Nika Quintao, Meeting and Event Planner, Canadian Teachers Federation

““I was apprehensive of this workshop because these types of team building sessions are often ‘meh’, but this was really useful and I took so many notes to take away and implement with the team in our daily work.”

- Meghan Smith, Health of People, Float

““Our management team has been doing group coaching with Jay for 3 years and they are the most useful and motivating management trainings I have ever taken part in. Not only do we all learn a ton of practical communication and decision-making skills, but we also have the opportunity to build and strengthen our relationships on another level. Jay is very talented at facilitating important and sometimes sensitive issues and topics in a way that feels safe for everyone and is ultimately productive and inspiring. I highly recommend this training.”

- Ben Britton, Regional Manager, Escape Manor

“The escape rooms were a blast – our team was very engaged in the activity and we left the room with renewed energy. The opportunity to learn from our experience through the post-escape workshop with Jay, however, set this experience apart from other team-building sessions we have done. The workshop is a necessary component to turn a fun team bonding experience into a great team building one. We were able to relate the most important aspects of effective collaboration and communication from the escape room to our ongoing teamwork. I highly recommend this workshop if you are looking to have fun, learn a lot and improve your team’s communication and productivity.”

- Frédéric Thibault-Chabot, Dean of Teaching, Collège La Cité

““It was awesome having Jay at our offsite meeting. His observations and feedback to the team will continue to contribute to our success for some time into the future. I was very impressed by Jay’s sincerity and authenticity and I could see that our team felt comfortable sharing vulnerable and meaningful ideas and feelings during the session. High praise and a strong recommendation for Jay to anyone looking to engage in meaningful team and leadership development!”

- Spencer Mandy, Vice President and General Manager, Canadian Bank Note

““Our team worked through the Escape Manor Team Building ‘game’ and discussion led by Jay. My only regret is that we did not book the full-day event! Under Jay’s guidance, our team was fully engaged and got to valuable in-depth discussion even in the short time we had with him. We will continue to refer back to the lessons learned and discussions as a result of the event. I recommend Jay and the Escape Manor Team Building if you are looking for a team-building exercise that is not only a great time but challenging and about getting deeper with your team.”

- Victoria Peters, Chief Operations Officer, ENVOLTA Inc.

““I have been to many training / team-building / facilitated coaching sessions and this session has been by far my favourite and most thought-provoking. Firstly, the team building escape room was an excellent springboard to get everyone warmed up and to give the team a pivot point for discussion. Jay is a great facilitator and he provided a constructive framework for us to discuss our activity as a team and share our experience. His ability to weave in our escape room activities to our professional working relationships led to us successfully addressing a couple of issues around our work style and the impact that it was having on others. Comparing this to other sessions, the real differentiator was that he allowed us to get to the heart of an issue and work toward a resolution together. He created a very safe space to discuss sensitive issues. As I said, by far the most effective, positive, results-oriented coaching session that I have attended. Jay is very talented.”

- Joanne McMullin, Executive Recruitment, Odgers Berndtson

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