Work with your team to develop your skills so you can tackle workplace challenges in a meaningful, strategic and sustainable way.

How our group coaching works

Timing & Frequency

Your team will meet with a 3C Coach for 1.5 to 2 hours for an interactive and hands-on coaching session. Sessions will continue every 2 to 4 weeks for a period of a few months or on an ongoing basis, depending on your needs and objectives.


Your team’s first session will be dedicated to learning the skills of an effective coach, such as active listening, curiosity, asking meaningful questions, providing effective feedback, and more.

In each subsequent session, your team will move through a series of “micro-coaching” exercises in which you will take turns coaching your colleagues on a current challenge you are facing in the workplace. Your 3C Coach will then layer in professional feedback and demonstrate specific coaching skills in real time.


In each session, your team will have the chance to explore current work-related challenges and opportunities in more depth, and engage in strategic team problem-solving with the support of your 3C Coach.

This will not only help your team connect more meaningfully and improve your communication and collaboration, but also help you solve challenges and develop strategies to improve current and future interactions and operations.

“The best way to describe these sessions is corporate therapy. I feel so motivated and connected to my colleagues at the end of each session. I always leave with a boost in positive emotions and tangible, practical skills and insights that I can apply right away. The sessions are very useful.”

- Nick Warnock, Digital Marketing Manager, Escape Manor

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